Restaurant Gem In Barcelona


One of the best things about being in Barcelona was being able to eat the delicious food that is readily available. We never had one bad meal and we ate in a restaurant everyday we were in the city. A small restaurant gem in Barcelona is called Tipic i Catala near Sagrada Familia. I apologize in advance because I don’t have many pics to share with you because I started eating before I remembered I needed to document everything.

20150614_072500 (1)

Seriously, the food was so tasty it made me totally forget my blogger life and I was fully focused on my tapas. We started with gazpacho that was the best I have had and I would seriously go back to Barcelona just to have some more. We ordered several tapas and each one was better than the last.

Our server was the owner who was so sweet to us! When we didn’t finish our cheese she came over to the table like a concerned mother and said, “Is everything ok? Why aren’t you finished? Do you want something else?” She was so kind and truly concerned that we enjoyed our meal.



There are plenty of restaurants near Sagrada Familia but we walked down a street a couple of streets over from the church. When I go to a very touristy location I try and find a street that doesn’t have many tourists on it then find a small restaurant and eat there. I’m so glad we found this gem, if you are in Barcelona why not try it out?

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