Hire An Expert Vacation Planner To Help You Have A Dope Trip!

by Roni

Have you thought about hiring a vacation planner? Traveling the globe is a dream for many people. Whether it’s taking a domestic trip to the opposing coast or flying across the sea to a different continent, it can be overwhelming to choose where to go.

How can you make your trips memorable and life-changing with all the options available?

Why You Should Hire A Vacation Planner

You’ve been searching for the right experience, but you still aren’t sure what you want to experience and where you want to go.

Let someone else determine which vacation is best for you. Don’t worry about which resort to choose. Let someone else worry about the details of creating the traveling experience you’ve been dreaming about for years.

You can find 100 travel tips here that can help you on your upcoming trip

It’s frustrating when you type in a location in your search bar only to have over a thousand results to show up.

Then, it happens.

You aren’t sure which option to click on, and you’re not sure which agency is legitimate and trustworthy. The search continues for an hour and you simply shut it all down because you aren’t sure what to do next. This is where a vacation planner comes in handy.

vacation planner

Itinerary Maker

I understand your frustration, and I’d like to use my 30 years of domestic and international travel experience to be your itinerary maker. Let me be your vacation planner and make your travel planning easier.

You can have expert suggestions on your next destination, lodging, transportation, and activities.

There are two travel planning options designed with you in mind: Travel Lite & Travel Elite. Both Travel Lite & Travel Elite are designed to give you the best suggestions for your next expedition.

Travel LITE

-private 1:1 call or digital connection
-5 destination & travel recommendations -5 dining & cultural cuisine reviews
-5 exploration & adventure suggestions

Travel ELITE

-private 1:1 call or digital connection
-10 destination & travel recommendations -10 dining & cultural cuisine reviews
-10 exploration & adventure suggestions

If you need more detailed planning services, please email me at roni@ronithetravelguru.com and we can set up a 30 minute consultation call to determine what type of planning you need. 

One of my travel planning packages is not for you if you are:

– looking for a travel agent
-searching for deal and discounts
-not quite sure you want to take a trip soon

One of my travel planning packages is for you if:
-you’ve been searching for suggestions with no results
-you know you’re ready to take a trip but simply not sure where
-you are sure traveling is on your bucket list and you’re ready to explore -you need an experienced traveler to give you an inside guide to traveling

Europe Itinerary Planner

Are you looking for someone to help with your Europe itinerary? Check out how I helped my client!

My friend and I are planning a trip to Paris and Rome for my 50th birthday. It is so easy to browse the internet and ” window shop”. However, when it’s time to actually book a flight or hotel to a country you have never visited, it can be overwhelming. Which sites are legit? What is the best way to optimize my time in two countries in 10 days? How do you actually snag one of those amazing flight deals you see pop-up on Facebook?
Roni helped us answer all those questions!!
I like that many of her suggestions are from personal experience. She was able to give us that little extra insight. Roni truly listened to the type of vacation we want to experience, and  tailored her recommendations to our style of travel. We confidently booked flight and hotel with Roni’s guidance.
I highly recommend using Roni’s vacation planning service. It was like having a well traveled friend help me plan my vacation!

Here is another testimonial!

My wife and I are planning a trip to Johannesburg, South Africa next year. The toughest part of planning is just that, PLANNING. We weren’t really sure where to begin. I’m glad I remembered Roni The Travel Guru was a travel expert. She gave us very good advice on travel and recommendations. Thanks @ronithetravelguru for all of your help.—Wayne B, Charlotte, NC

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