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If you want some good food in Santorini, please make your way to Pito Gyro. I came across this place by walking around and I saw there were tons of locals standing in line waiting for their order. I was in Santorini for 5 days, found this place on day 2 and ate there everyday after. It was to the point that when the owner would see me coming he would say, “chicken gyro with fries, yes?”

I tried beef and chicken gyro but I preferred chicken and it was especially tasty with Greek beer (which you can also buy there). The whole meal was barely 5 euro and for that price I couldn’t help but eat it everyday. The restaurant even has WiFi and a small area where you can sit and eat. There are no tables inside but there are stools inside and out.



It’s a family owned business and everything is cooked fresh so if there is a line don’t get irritated, it’s because your meal is being prepared to order.


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Have you ever eaten a gyro? 


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