How To Keep The Vacation Feeling At Home

Do you have experiences when you are traveling that you would love to have when you return home? I do. When I lived in Paris one of the things I loved was the way they drink coffee. I love that fact that I could order one cup of coffee and sit for hours at my table and not be bothered. My favorite cafe in Paris serves the coffee and milk in a separate container and puts it all on the table in a lovely way that makes me so happy!

So when I moved back from Paris I really wanted to capture the essence of the way they drink coffee. Do you see the coffee pot on the top left of the tray? I bought that from Target. I had a French press but it broke (after a couple of years) and now I use this coffee maker.  I like this coffee maker because one of my girlfriends living in Paris has one and she fixed me coffee every morning when I was staying with her. It reminds me of her, our friendship and the wonderful time I had at her apartment. I had little milk pots that I would pour my milk in and put on the tray but all of those broke and I haven’t been able to find anymore. I first saw those in Paris so it was another way I could experience France while back home.

Every time I go to Paris I buy several bags of coffee so I’m able to drink French coffee in the morning. I bought the tray from Homegoods and the mug is from London. Ok, I know what you’re thinking, why do I have a London mug if I’m trying to recreate my Parisian experience? Because I LOVE that huge mug and I haven’t bought a mug from Paris. I have no idea why.

When the weather is nice I will sit on my balcony and drink my coffee outside. If not, I just sit at the table or on my couch and I feel like I have a little bit of Paris to start my morning. Coffee may not be your thing but do you like tea? you can usually find coffee or tea in any grocery store when you travel. Pick up a few packs of whatever floats your boat and bring it home. Then you can have your vacation experience while at home.


Are there any experiences you try and recreate when you come back from vacation?


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