Veggie Sliders In Los Angeles – The Counter

by Roni



As you know, I love good food. Did you also know that I’m now a vegetarian? I stopped eating meat several months ago (for the most part, as every now and then I get a craving for it and will eat it but not very often) and I’m very happy with my vegetarian life.

So when my friend Nisa suggested we meet at The Counter I can’t say I was jumping for joy. I mean, this is Los Angeles and there are always tons of veggie options so I knew I’d be fine but it wasn’t my first choice. However, I really just wanted to hang out with my friend so I didn’t care where we met.

Aren't we cuties?

Aren’t we cuties?

Much to my surprise, the vegetarian burger sliders were LUSH. The bread was soft and fresh, the cheese was perfectly melted and the fries were soft yet crispy at the same time. I am not a fan of sweet potato fries but I LOVED these and was mad we ordered regular fries.

The next time I go I will only get sweet potato fries as they made my mouth happy. We also had a couple adult beverages which were good and strong. No complaints from either of us.


There are several locations around the city so if you are near one of them be sure to stop, I think you’ll like it!


The Counter Miracle Mile *5779 Wilshire Boulevard *Los Angeles CA *90036

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