Who Do You Call If You Need Help While In a Foreign Country?

help in foreign country

For the most part, when I travel I feel totally safe, but I am always cautious. One time in Milan I was with two girlfriends, we were all in bed and our hotel room was located on the third floor.

One of my friends said, “Roni, are you in bed?” I was in the bed next to her.

I answered, “Yes.”

She said, “Is Michelle next to you?”

Again, I said, “Yes.” because Michelle and I were sharing a bed that night.

She said, “Then if we are all in here, who just turned the light on in the bathroom.”

We all immediately sat up in bed and waited for whoever was in our bathroom to come out. There was an extremely drunk Italian man walking out of our bathroom. He had somehow climbed up the wall (there was no railing, no balconies, nothing we could see he could have grabbed on to so we had no idea how he did that) and was now standing in our room, talking in Italian and bleeding from his face.

We didn’t know what to do. This happened years ago and there were no cell phones, we were just three scared girls in a foreign country. At first we thought it was funny, but then we soon realized the gravity of the situation and started screaming at the top of our lungs, stomping on the floor in order to get some help.

We couldn’t go to the door because he was blocking it so all we could do was stomp our feet and scream. Thankfully pretty soon people came inside our room and threw him out. I still have absolutely no idea what they were saying, what he was doing, or what happened to him.

If something like this were to happen now, I would immediately reach for the phone and dial the emergency number, or just scream like hell because the thought of a strange man bleeding from his face in my room scares the beejebees out of me.

Below is a list of emergency numbers, it’s a good idea to always know the emergency number of the country you are visiting.


Country Police Ambulance Fire
Austria 133 144 122
Belgium 101 100 100
Bulgaria 166 150 160
Croatia 92 94 93
Cyprus 199 199 199
Czech Republic 158 155 150
Denmark 112 112 112
Estonia 110 112 112
Finland 112 112 112
France 17 15 18
FYR Macedonia 112 124 123
Georgia 022 022 022
Germany 110 112 112
Greece 100 166 199
Holland 112 112 112
Hungary 107 104 105
Iceland 112 112 112
Ireland 999 999 999
Italy 113 118 115
Latvia 02 03 01
Lithuania 113 112 112
Luxembourg 113 112 112
Malta 191 196 199
Monaco 17 18 18
Montenegro 122 124 123
Norway 112 113 110
Poland 997 999 998
Portugal 112 112 112
Romania 955 961 981
San Marino 112 118 115
Serbia 92 93 94
Slovakia 158 150 150
Slovenia 113 112 112
Spain 091 061 080
Sweden 112 112 112
Switzerland 117 144 118
Turkey 115 112 110
Ukraine 02 03 01
United Kingdom 999 999 999

Have you ever had an emergency while traveling? What did you do? 

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  1. That is truly terrifying! I cannot even imagine something like that happening. I’ve traveled worldwide and sometimes have been alone in questionable situations but nothing ever like that. It really is good to know emergency #s in advance. That had never been part of my plan so thank you for reminding me of how important that is in planning one’s vacation!

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