What To Wear When Traveling When You Want To Be Stylish And Comfortable!

by Roni

I’m often asked about what to wear when traveling so here are a few of my favorite pieces. I’ve worn each of these multiple times and they wash and wear well. These items come from Amazon and my Spreadshirt store so if you purchase anything I will get a small commission.

What to wear when traveling

When I travel I like to be comfortable and chic and I don’t think it’s necessary to give up one to have the other. I love wearing dresses when I travel and I get many of my travel clothing from Amazon. I don’t want my clothes to hinder me while going through security nor do I want them bothering me when I’m sitting on a long flight so the following outfits are prefect! Their prices are normally within the range of what I want to spend and the quality is always on point.

The black dress below is the only one in this post that needs to be ironed but it’s completely light-weight and packs like a dream. It’s only $15! Get yours here. 

What to wear when traveling

More dress options to wear while traveling

This dress below is the same as the one beneath it but because they are completely different patterns no one would have any idea they are the same dress! Strapless dresses are my go-to for travel! These start at $9.99 and you can get them here

what to wear when traveling

what to wear when traveling

Below I’m in my all-time favorite bathing suit because I feel pretty in it without exposing too much. Modesty is important to me and so is being fashionable and this bathing suit helps me do both. It starts at $10, you can’t beat this price! Get yours here.

What to wear when traveling

This bathing suit starts at $10 you can’t beat this price! Get yours here

If t-shirts are more your thing my store is filled with travel tees of all different styles. Below are just a few available.

What to wear when traveling

Travel is my homeboy, is it yours? If so, get yours here

Get you had me at bonjour by clicking here That’s my mom looking stylish in her sequin hat and one of my designs, she’s a Travel Junkie. The jeans are from Burlington Coat Factory.

What to wear when traveling


What to wear when traveling

The dress below can be casual or dressy depending on your shoes and accessories. It’s a fantastic way to keep your packing to a minimum without cutting back on style. Unfortunately this one is no longer available but I included it anyway just so you can see what kinds of dresses you can take on vacation. I have included a link that is very similar, I think you’ll like it. 

Walking around the city doesn’t mean your only options are wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that combo, but you can do so much more!

What to wear when traveling

Taken in Cape Town by Steven from Around The Table Tours This dress sis no longer available but you can get something similar—>. Get it here

Here’s another strapless dress! What do you think? This one starts at $16.99, isn’t that a great deal?

Packing the right clothes is crucial when you are traveling, don’t you agree? If you are going on a beach vacation, you MUST pack all of the essentials you need.

Tomiko from Passports and Grub gives you a dope packing list for Mexico that can be used in almost any tropical and beach travel destination. Check out her post and let her know what you think of her suggestions.

Where do you get your travel clothes? Do any of these dresses fit your style? 

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