Have You Ever Seen A Pink Building In Russia?

While in Russia  I was constantly amazed by the fact that I was in Russia. I just really never thought I would be able to visit and each day I spent there I was constantly thinking to myself, “WOW! I’m in RUSSIA!” I snapped this pink building while in St. Petersburg as me and Carly were walking around exploring the city.

Are there any pink buildings where you live?



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  1. I would love to go to Russia! (I almost got there once … I was living in Sweden and took the ferry to Helsinki. Then I decided it would be fun to pop over the Moscow but discovered I had accidently left my passport in Stockholm … my travel buddy was not happy with me). So Russia is still on the bucket list 🙂 Nup, no pink buildings where I live, but there is a VERY purple house!

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