Have You Ever Seen Creme Brûlée Done This Way?

I thought you might get a kick out of seeing how they brown the top of creme brûlée. I snapped these pics with my phone when I was in Paris in March of this year.  The waiter/owner was nice enough to hold the hot thingy (yes, the hot thingy is an official French term) so I could get the shots. I think it’s pretty cool how he did this at the table, I had never encountered that before.

I can tell you that this was delicious and I ate the whole thing. This restaurant did not have an ‘English spoken here’ sign in the window and it was a super small resto (that’s what the French call restaurants). In fact, this is where I got the picture of the menu for yesterdays post.  Have you had creme brûlée? Did you like it?



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