A Wonderful Purse And Wallet For Traveling

As I was getting the pictures ready for this post I realized, I should have taken pictures of me with this purse everyday! I used it daily on my Nice trip and I absolutely loved it. I guess you can tell I’m not accustomed to taking pictures of myself and what I wear because I only have two different outfits in this post. I’ll do better next time, I promise.


I bought this purse from a designer named Nikita Lynn at a street fair I went to in Charlotte, North Carolina a couple of months ago because I thought the purse would be great for traveling. I am always looking for something that is fashionable and easy to use. I need a purse that can lay flat in my carry-on because I use a huge bag as my personal item along with my carry-on bag (Since I never check a bag I only take one carry-on and one personal item).   But when I get to my destination, I need a purse that is stylish and I think this one fits that description perfectly.


Me on the boardwalk in Cannes, France.

I like how the top part is leather which I think gives it a sleek look. I bought the wallet in a different color because I don’t like things to be too matchy matchy. I also like that the purse is big which allowed me to carry everything I needed inside.

I love this wallet, it holds so much. Please pay no attention to the broken fingernail. I won’t travel anymore without nail glue.
This is me in front of The Casino in Monaco. There was a gala for yacht owners going on, had I known I would have worn a short skirt

How do you clean it? Use a damp cloth with oxy clean and that should do the trick. This bag can’t be put in the washer because of the lining but she’s working on a line that you can put in the washer.  She’s a small designer that I know is about to do big things.

You can contact her Email:info@nikitalynn.com

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