A Bit Of Paris In Moscow

When I was in Moscow last summer with Carly we were walking by this metro stop when she said, “Hey! Look at the metro!” And it took me a minute to figure out why she was having me look at the metro stop. I mean, it’s like every other metro stop we see in Paris. Oh, what’s that you say? We’re in Moscow? Oh yeah! Why is there a Parisian metro in Moscow?

I wanted to show you a picture of a metro in Paris with this type of railing but of course I can’t find one on my computer which is infuriating because I know I have taken several (maybe it’s time to properly organize my pictures).  But trust me, this railing and signage is similar to what you see when you are walking along the streets of Paris.  I still have no idea why this metro stop looks like it was plucked directly from Paris but I thought it was pretty cool to see something so familiar in a place so foreign to me.

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