Views From Notre Dame In Paris

One wonderful perk about being a Tour Manager was I was able to see some beautiful buildings all over the world. One of those was Notre Dame in Paris, France. The picture on top was taken from the rooftop of the building, have you walked to the top of Notre Dame?  Have you seen the gargoyles?

The gargoyles above and below are the same, I just zoomed in and positioned myself differently so that in the one below you can see the Eiffel Tower to the right in the background.

I’m terrified of heights but I did manage to get this shot. I can guarantee you I had some body part wrapped around something to prevent me from falling. There is barely a chance to fall from the top of Notre Dame but I’m so scary I don’t take any chances. I love looking at Paris from this view, even though my heart is beating rapidly while I’m enjoying the vista.

I like this position much better, all the way at the bottom! I thought this was a cool angle and it was so lovely outside.  If you are a Disney fan, can you find the hidden Mickeys?

Have you been to Notre Dame?


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