Something Different In A French Grocery Store!

French grocery store

Normally when I travel I rent an apartment so I’m frequently in grocery stores to buy the things I’ll need. When I was in Nice I walked to the store to get some food for me and my friends when I walked by this saucisson stand. The translation of saucisson is sausage, but it really isn’t anything like sausage typically found in America.  It’s more like salami but it’s so much better and as you can see from the pics, there isn’t a shortage of variety.

I zoomed in so you would be able to see some of the saucisson available.

Would something like this display be in your neighborhood store?

When I was in the grocery store taking these pictures I was getting strange looks by some of the shoppers so I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted, but I think you get the idea. As always, thank you for reading, I really appreciate you spending a few minutes with me!




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  1. Hi Roni. I recently came upon your blog after the BETravel twitter chat. Great blog. I love your About Me page where you talk about traveling being a neccessity and not a luxuary. I feel the same, not to mention it keeps me sane..haha!!

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