Chinatown In San Francisco

If you’re going to visit San Francisco, you would be remiss if you didn’t stop by Chinatown.  The biggest concentration of Chinese people outside of China live in Chinatown and it is a remarkable place to see. I didn’t edit any of these pics because the colors are so vibrant that it wasn’t necessary.

Can you see the cable car tracks in the picture below? The cable car runs through Chinatown so you can knock out two tourist attractions at the same time.

Don’t you think the colors are beautiful?

You know how much I love graffiti.

All the street signs in Chinatown have the street names in Chinese underneath the English name.

I love how this bank is so traditional and it’s right in between two nondescript buildings.

After I got a foot massage (I love getting a foot massage in Chinatown, it’s normally so reasonably priced) I asked one of the ladies inside the shop where would she go to eat. She wrote it down for me and gave me directions on how to get there. I had to ask a few people along the way but I found it.

So here it is! When I walked in I was the only one who looked like me in the place and that’s what I like. I wanted authentic Chinese food so I figured since the place was packed with nothing but Chinese people I must be in the right spot.

The food was good (I had duck) and it was only $5.25 for my meal, and it came with tea. Can’t beat that!

Do you visit Chinatown when you travel?


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