Guess Who Is In A Tourism Video For Folly Beach, SC?


You guys! I’m so excited! If you read my post a few weeks ago on Folly Beach, SC, you know that me and Lillie had an amazing time. What you may not know is we had a video crew following us around, treating us like we were stars! It was pretty dope having a video crew with us for the weekend, and I hope you are able to see how much we enjoyed ourselves.

How did I end up in a tourism video?

One of the wonderful things about being a Blogger is I get to network with people from all over the world. Lillie from Around The WorldL reached out and asked if I wanted to participate in a tourism video with her. It sounded like it was an amazing opportunity so I said yes! Being able to spend the weekend in her company, along with being treated like royalty by Folly Beach Tourism, was truly an experience like no other.

What lipstick is that?

People often ask me about my lipstick, this is Aleppo by Compass by Evita. I love it because the color stays on extremely well, and the only drawback is that I run out of it quickly because I use it daily!

How long was filming?

Not long enough! Haha just kidding, but having video cameras on us all day was fun! We filmed Friday evening and all day Saturday. They said Lillie and I gave them so much to work with on Saturday that they didn’t even need to film as scheduled on Sunday! (You hear that other tourism boards?)

The crew was so accommodating and courteous, as you can see by how they make sure Lillie got out of our boat safely.  Side note, doesn’t she have amazing long legs?

We had to wear microphones so the crew always made sure our mics were working and they would even help us because neither of us had ever walked around all day with a microphone. The crew was all men and they were the epitome of southern gentlemen, we never once felt uncomfortable. It was truly a lovely experience.

We had to be cognizant of the fact that our conversations could be heard. Not that we would EVER say anything bad about anyone or anything. Not us, especially not me with my sarcastic self.

Please let me know what you think of the video, I’d love your thoughts! And of course, please share!

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