A Great Place For Brunch in Charlotte, North Carolina

I was spending some time with the daughter of a friend on Sunday and I was hungry (surprise, surprise). I wanted breakfast but had no idea where to go and I had no desire to cook so I literally went to one of my favorite parts of Charlotte and drove up and down the street until I saw a sign that said “Open for Brunch”. Thankfully, Bistro La Bon was the restaurant. I had been here for dinner and I didn’t even know they were open for brunch on Sundays so I was very happy.

We didn’t have a reservation but only had to wait about 15 minutes. The brunch is buffet style which normally doesn’t appeal to me because I don’t like buffets but this one was super clean, there was no food coming out of any of the containers (you know how food can get mixed in with other containers? I hate that.) And the sneeze/cough guard was very low so there was no way anyone could get their unwanted germs on the food.

Great restaurant for brunch in Charlotte


But here is the best part, when you sit down, they automatically bring over chocolate waffles, eggs and bacon, and french toast. That is in addition to what you get at the buffet and is included in the $18 per person price! And the buffet has so many choices it’s ridiculous. I don’t have any pics of the buffet because I couldn’t take pictures without looking crazy, it just wasn’t the atmosphere for me to be standing at the buffet snapping pictures.


French restaurant in Charlotte




Restaurant for brunch in Charlotte

I’m not a fan of chocolate waffles but don’t they look scrumptious?

Place for brunch in Charlotte

Bistro La Bon in Charlotte

Brunch in Charlotte

The waiting area is very comfortable, there are plenty of big, soft chairs and pillows to relax on as you are waiting for your table. There is also a bar where you can order a drink while you wait. Brunch in charlotte


Brunch in charlotte

Bistro La Bon

Address: 1322 Central Ave

Charlotte, NC 28205

Phone:(704) 333-4646


Have you been here? Does this restaurant sound good to you?


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