Parks In Charlotte, North Carolina

Don’t you love it when you find out about a cool place in your town? A friend of mine took her family pictures in this park in Charlotte, North Carolina and told me how lovely it was so I had to check it out for myself. Not only is it a lovely park but there are pathways, tables, benches, a pond, and a waterfall.

It’s not a park that you will see from the road. It’s actually in between a couple of office buildings in Ballantyne Corporate Park and not at all what you expect to see as you drive through this huge office complex. The park is way off the beaten path which means it is very quiet and peaceful.

When I come to this park I sit at one of the tables and use it as my office. Isn’t this a lovely backdrop to have as I work?

There was a bootcamp class going on, can you see them there in the background?

I have also walked around the path and it’s nice to have an idea of how many laps I need to do in order to complete my goal.

Have you recently discovered anything beautiful in your neighborhood?



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