Happy Glamping In North Carolina With GoRVing!

When I started blogging years ago I never in a million years dreamed that I would be able to work with an amazing company like GoRVing.  They have been so kind to me and in exchange for this blog post that is written in my own words they blessed me and 3 friends with a majestic weekend in one of their RVs glamping in North Carolina!

 Happy Glamping in North Carolina with GoRVing! 

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What is glamping?

Glamping is a combination of two words: glamorous and camping. It’s a way to enjoy camping on a different level that allows you to have all the creature comforts you are accustomed to while enjoying the outdoors. Glamping can be done in all types of accommodations from tents to yurts. We decided to glamp in a GoRVing Minnie Winnie which gave us all we needed. Last year we hit the road in a bigger RV and the kids got to come along. RV Rental is a great way to glamp!


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Who goes glamping?

Anyone! My girlfriends and I glamped in a Minnie Winne RV provided by GoRVing for 4 days and 3 nights. Husbands and children were left at home so we could enjoy a girlfriend getaway. Our RV rental was perfect for us because we:

  • never felt cramped
  • had air conditioning (which was necessary for the North Carolina summer)
  • were able to be right next to the lake.

We enjoyed the natural beauty surrounding us at Rutledge RV Park.

Getting away with girlfriends is a treat. Getting away with girlfriends who enhance your life and make you appreciate your laugh muscles is even better. We had a splendid time in our Minnie Winnie Rv.

Music was a big part of our weekend and while they were jammin’ to their favorites, I had on headphones on and enjoyed my music while I was working.

Singles, families, friends, marrieds, girls trips, guys trips…basically, anyone who wants to experience camping with a twist can go glamping.


What does glamping involve?

When you glamp in an RV there are a few things you need to do in order to make the RV completely functional. It involves connecting some hoses and plugs which are extremely easy to do. Seriously, if I can do it then literally anyone can do it.

I had to hook up the hoses and I did it all by myself!

One of the benefits of glamping in an RV is that we were in control of what we ate when and we could have as much food as we were willing to bring. For breakfast, we had grits, eggs, bacon, and toast. The RV has a full kitchen so we were able to prepare a simple breakfast that satisfied all of us.

scrambled eggs on deck!
This breakfast was lush, my friend makes THE BEST grits.

Heidi outdid herself and brought tons of snacks and delicious food (that she made beforehand) so our stomachs and tastebuds were quite happy.

We demolished this plate, it was amazingly scrumptious.

In order to bring your food, you may have to do some prep-work beforehand. You can also buy prepackaged meals and things you can easily heat up in the oven or microwave. That is what we did for lunch and dinner. Below is just my portion of what was brought on the trip. Each person brought ample food and goodies to make the trip complete.

I packed a lot of food so that we would have everything we needed.

NOTE: There are some campgrounds where you can buy food on site but that isn’t always guaranteed and choices are often limited and expensive. Make sure to do your due diligence and find out of that’s an option before heading off.

Many campgrounds have amenities that will make any camper that wants luxury happy. At Camp Rutledge, we were able to play pool and ping pong. We had also had access to board games and went swimming.

What to take glamping in North Carolina?

I have compiled a list of extra things you may want to take. Of course this isn’t a comprehensive list but more of a guideline for you to use. Get your free RV packing checklist!

What to wear?

Our glamping weekend was all about relaxing and taking time to chill. Everyone wore clothes that made them feel relaxed. Wear what works for the activities you want to do and make sure to bring a sweater in case it gets chilly in the evening.

Why is glamping popular?

Don’t my friends and I look happy? The amount of laughter, smiles, and togetherness we experienced over the 4 days was unbelievable. Sharing time with those you love in a luxurious setting will always be a popular choice!

Being able to spend quality time with those you cherish in a lovely RV was such a thrill and being able to enjoy each other without many distractions was a treat.

our RV gave us time to have special moments.

Our site was right alongside the lake which allowed us to take full advantage of the water activities they had at Rutledge RV Park. An RV rental also lets you move from place to place if that is what you want to do.

We went paddle boarding, canoeing, played pool, ping-pong and went swimming. There was never a shortage of things for us to do and we enjoyed every minute of it!



Swimming is always so much fun when it’s done with friends! Heidi and I are always acting crazy!


What to know about RV travel?

When you rent your RV make sure to ask what is included for your trip. The model and package you choose will determine what things you may or may not need to bring with you.

We had enough space to fix this awesome plate & the RV came with cutlery and utensils.

As what’s included varies from RV to RV, it’s one of the things you need to verify before booking. There are some RV’s that come completely equipped with everything you could possibly need to make sure your glamping experience is up to your expectations. Others are more of a DIY experience. Both are great options, just know before you go.

A natural remedy for mosquitos that Heidi got from Pinterest.

We had an RV that slept 7 but there were only 4 of us so each person had their own bed. We brought our own sheets, sleeping bags, and pillows (there were pillows in the RV that we could have used as well).

Glamping in North Carolina

Our RV came with several chairs and side tables that we thoroughly enjoyed.

While the showers had a great stream of water and are very hot, some of them may be a bit smaller than you are accustomed to if you are a tall traveler or a little on the fluffy side. Our Minnie Winnie was a compact model but there are several different models of RVs to choose from. Just make sure you get the one that fits your lifestyle.

While an RV is perfect for glamping, you are still in a campground. You may have to make some adjustments. For instance, when showering in the RV keep your showers short and to the point so you don’t run out of hot water. Many RV parks have showers you can use if you happen to run out of hot water in your RV.

Checking out the showers at Rutledge RV Park

Rutledge RV park had very nice showers and dressing area, check out Heidi above!

How safe is RV travel?

An RV is likely bigger and wider than what you are used to driving. Make sure to take the time to learn the vehicle and get used to driving it. riving high and driving such a big vehicle. Ask any questions you have when you pick up the RV.

For this RV and the one I had last year, I didn’t need a special license. I was able to simply get in and drive. Make sure the RV you rent is the same (unless you have a license to drive larger vehicles).

You have to be more careful when driving in an RV because you take up much more of the road and you can’t see as well as you can while driving a car. However, RV’s have huge rear view and side mirrors which help you navigate the road like an expert.

NOTE: When packing your RV make sure to check the weight limit on your particular RV, you don’t want to overload it! 

When parked in the RV park, there is a leveler you can use which ensures you won’t rock back and forth as you enter and exit the RV. We felt completely safe walking around and at no time did we feel as if we were in any danger. However, our RV did have a lock on the door which we utilized when we went to sleep at night.

A girlfriend trip glamping in North Carolina

Our trip was perfection! Being in our RV and glamping in North Carolina for the weekend was an incredible experience for all. Thank you GoRVing!

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  1. This looks like soooooooo much fun! I never thought of myself as a RVer (is that a word? Lol) but this I want to try. Since my family is growing now I have to be creative plus I love all things glam!

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