Would You Want To Eat Dinner Under The Space Shuttle Endeavour?

Sometimes I get to do things that really blow me away. Eating under the Space Shutte Endeavour definitely falls into that category. Back in March I was in Los Angeles, California because I was invited to the annual California Science Center Gala that celebrates the opening of a new exhibit. This year the Science Center is home to the Endeavour which is a major feather in the museums cap.

 There is always a dinner and a full evening of activities to celebrate a new exhibit so I am sharing a few of the pictures I took with you. If you are in the Los Angeles area or will be soon, it would be a worth a trip to see the museum and all it has to offer. Not only is the the space shuttle there, but the museum has a host of activities and interesting exhibits for the whole family.


That’s me and my dad. Isn’t he handsome?

Check out how elaborate the tables were set and seriously, I was eating dinner under a space shuttle. How awesome is that?

 This was our appetizer which was so delish. I am such a big fan of seared Ahi tuna and this dish was filled with it.


The dinner was delicious and the whole time I kept looking at the space shuttle and thinking, “I can’t believe it. I’m eating underneath a space shuttle.” It was a wonderful experience and I’m so glad I was able to experience it.


Have you ever had dinner in an unexpected yet phenomenal location?


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