Korean War Memorial In Washington DC

I was amazed at how beautiful these statues were. They were so lifelike and I’m always intrigued when an artist can capture movement in a statue. There are 19 statues that are each over 7 feet tall. You can’t get too close to them but you can walk around the whole memorial so you can see them from different angles.

Things to see in Washington DC

I took a few of these from the back because I loved the way you can get some idea of how the soldiers were on patrol when they were on the rugged terrain of Korea, and you can see the facial expressions which show how alert the soldiers were.

Things to do in Washington DC

Things to do in Washington DC

Things to do in Washington DC

Things to do in WAshington DC

While I was here there was a tour group of Korean War veterans and I really wanted to know what they thought of the memorial.  I didn’t ask though, I figured this was a time of reflection for them.

Things to do in Washington DC

There is a sign on the side of this reflecting pool that kindly asks you not to throw coins in the pool. It is seen as disrespectful but unfortunately, some people had thrown coins in anyway.

Things to do in DC

On this wall is actual photographic images of soldiers that fought in the war.


My dad is a Korean War Veteran and I’m so thankful he is alive, and seeing this memorial filled me with lots of questions for my father. So many things about war that I don’t know and have never thought to ask. And isn’t that one of the points of traveling? Seeing things that open up your mind to things you have never thought about.



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