Airport Tantrums Can Be Costly


One of the great things about working at the airport is I get to see so many different scenarios that I can then pass on to you. Here is one thing I saw and I don’t want this to happen to you.

There was a flight that returned to field, which means a flight had taken off but had to come back to Charlotte because of bad weather  Let’s say the flight was going to JFK.  This was the last flight of the night leaving for  JFK and since the flight was canceled that meant that the bags had to be taken off the plane and given back to the passengers in baggage claim.

 The passengers were supposed to pick up their bags in baggage claim then catch a flight the next day (they were put on the first available flight). But one passenger was so mad about having to stay in Charlotte that she missed all the information. She had a HUGE temper tantrum, left her carry-on bag and probably didn’t get her checked bag in baggage claim because she didn’t stay to listen to the directions.

When a flight is canceled due to weather, the airline is not responsible for giving you a hotel room for the night. They will help you find a hotel and you will probably get a discount but it won’t be comped. You are normally only compensated when a flight is canceled due to maintenance or if the delay is the fault of the airline.

Here are 2 things I want you to do if this ever happens to you:


1. If your flight is canceled and you can’t fly out that night, wait and get all the information before you leave the airport. I get that you are mad, but you will be madder when your carry-on and your checked bag is left behind.

2.Please don’t have a temper tantrum. This may make you feel better but this won’t make anyone want to help you.


So when you have unexpected changes in your plans, don’t go cray cray, ok? Stick around and listen to the information needed so that you can make your new travel arrangements.


Have you ever seen someone have a tantrum at an airport?



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