Phenomenal Mansion in Beverly Hills

As a Tour Manager, I was able to see many things that normally are off limits to me. I’m happy to be able to share these pictures with you of a remarkable home I was in that is located in Beverly Hills, California.  I was doing a specialty tour, which is when you have a group of people that are from the same company or have the same interests, and they travel around to specific venues in the city that cater to their genre. On this tour, I was with several architects from Spain who traveled to Los Angeles to look at different designs all over the city. The following home was one of my favorite stops on this tour, simply because I had never had the pleasure of being inside a home like this.


These two pictures above and below are of the master bedroom. That is the bed you see there and yes, those are glass doors that slide all the way back to give you a spectacular view. I think the sharp lines in this room give it such a clean look, I was amazed at seeing a room like this in person as I had never seen a bedroom that had a view like this one.

All of the greenery you see below the window belongs to the owner. This property is pretty big for Beverly Hills standards, he had several acres around him and the property was filled with all types of lovely trees and flowers.

This sink is in the master bathroom. The shower was actually outside which was no big deal since no neighbor could possibly see you while you are showering. The sink was inside but the water drained outside. Try and figure that one out!

The next two pictures are of the stairs that led to the backyard. Well, it wasn’t really a backyard but more like a jungle.

I asked the owner if he entertained often, and he said, “Oh all the time. You can’t have a home like this and keep it to yourself.” Can’t you just see yourself sipping some delicious drink while looking at the view?

Have you ever seen a waterfall and a pond in someone’s home? Those are all different kinds of exotic fish swimming in the pond, and the sound of the waterfall were so soothing. This group I was dealing with was not the nicest group of people, they were really difficult and had a hard time following directions so being in this serene environment for a little while was just what I needed.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of this Beverly Hills home, is this some place you could see yourself living? What kind of home would be ideal for you?

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