NASCAR Hall Of Fame In Charlotte


Have you heard of NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte? It’s the mecca for NASCAR sports fans, a tribute to NASCAR like no other on the planet. When you walk into the hall you immediately see all of the cars on display. You can’t get inside of them or touch them but you can get a great view of each one.




 Of course there are interactive displays for young and old alike.



You can spend quite a bit of time in the initial front hall as there are so many cars to check out. There are also explanations as to what the car was used for and who drove it.





It’s not only the Nascar drivers that are highlighted here at NASCAR Hall of Fame,  the people behind the scenes that made all the magic happen are also recognized for all of their contributions.



There are literally displays everywhere you look. There isn’t a wall (or ceiling in some areas) that doesn’t have some informational tidbit for you to enjoy.



 You will be in heaven with all of the cars that you are able to see up close and personal. Over 150,000 square feet of NASCAR fun is here for you to enjoy!



There is even half of a car! There is a photo opportunity for guests in this area, you can look as if you are a true driver!


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to work on a pit crew, you can try it out after being given a lesson on how to work the tools.





Visiting NASCAR Hall of Fame gives you such an appreciation of all of the nuances and technicalities that go into building a car. This section explains how each car has to meet certain standards.





Kids aren’t left out either, there is an area dedicated to them where they can enjoy pint sized, fun filled NASCAR joy.



Have you ever wondered what the inside of a NASCAR driver’s trailer looks like? You can find out at the Hall of Fame.


And the part that is probably everyone’s favorite, you get to race! The cars don’t move of course but it’s a simulated race that actually feels as if you are truly on the track. You get to sit in a real race car with a video screen in front of you and you race the other participants. You even get a printout at the end of your race to see how well you did!



Nascar Hall of Fame is truly a gem in the heart of Charlotte and a great way to learn more about this sport that has millions of adoring fans from all over the globe. Why not check it out?


NASCAR Hall Of Fame

400 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

Charlotte, NC 28202

(704) 654-4400

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