When Plans Change…Are You Able To?

Image 6
the hill behind my townhome, I had never seen it so filled with snow

Sometimes things happen when you travel or when you want to travel that are completely out of your control.

Case in point…last week I was snowed in for two days and couldn’t leave my house because of all the snow. Literally, there was snow covering everything and there was no way I could drive, let alone travel.

The airport was overflowing with stranded passengers and I hardly wanted to be out there with them so I stayed home. I had some errands to run that required me to catch a flight but because of the storm I had to stay home.

(my errands require a plane…oh the joy of flight benefits)

I can’t say I wasn’t irritated because I was but there was absolutely nothing I could do about it so I had a choice-either sit and pout or enjoy the snow.

So, I enjoyed the snow and the time I was given to relax in my house. Thankfully I didn’t lose power so I was warm and I had food so I was very happy.

(emphasis on the food. I went to the store a few days before and stocked up so I was fine. Plus my mom recently sent me two cases of wine so I was oh so happy).


I heard people outside of my window playing and laughing so I got up off the couch and joined them. We had snowball fights, went sledding, and built a snowman.

(well it was an attempt to build one but it was fun)


The point is, things won’t always go the way you plan. Having to be home those two days thwarted a few things that I needed to get done and I had to come up with a different plan, but that’s ok. Things happen and if we can learn to enjoy the moments we are given instead of brooding over the moments we’ve lost, things will go much smoother.




Image 7
Don’t those look like Christmas trees?
Image 8
These two boys had a sled and let me use it, it was AWESOME.
Image 9
The boys sliding down the hill. They were having a blast.
Image 3
I had no idea there was so much work into building a snowman.
Image 2
The bottom was really big! we got tired and pretty much stopped after this.
Image 4
Not bad right? Pretty round and full, no?
Image 10
This was a tiny snowman in my neighbor’s driveway, not the one we attempted to build.
Image 11
This was my view after I went sledding down the hill. Look at all that snow!


Have you ever been snowed in? What did you do to past the time? 


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