Have You Ever Heard A Live Band At Your Gate At An Airport?

Yesterday I was flying home from a day trip to Washington DC (I’ll be telling you about that trip tomorrow) and as I was coming through security I heard a bunch of music. It sounded like a live band but I didn’t think that was it because when is there ever a live band in a terminal? Well, much to my surprise there was a band at my gate and they were indeed playing live music! Now, in my world there should be a band playing for me wherever I go but since my world only exists in my head, this band was not for me. There were a group of older veterans that were flying out and the airline had a tribute band playing for them. I don’t know how or why as no one seemed to know how this happened but it really doesn’t matter. The fact that there was a live band at a gate at the airport was pretty phenomenal, and the fact that veterans were being honored by a live band playing as they boarded the plane was a wonderful thing.

And there was dancing!

Isn’t that sweet? All of the veterans had a kiss on their cheek.

What an unexpected treat at my gate!

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