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I almost NEVER check luggage, especially when I’m headed to a destination. One reason is that I know bag tags can easily tear off.  The thought of my bag being lost on the way to a great destination doesn’t sit well with me. However, there are times when a checked bag can’t be avoided. I may not like it but I am prepared.

Checked luggage goes through many conveyor belts on its way to your plane. During its journey, it also sits in different carts and gets touched by many hands. Your bag can get tossed around and the bag tag may come off. Glue and paper are not invincible!

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To add even more hurdles to your bag finding you, most bags are black.  That makes it even more difficult to find your bag when it gets lost.

No tag and one of a million black bags…what do you do if that happens and how can you keep it from happening in the first place?

lost luggage

How to keep your checked luggage from being lost

Make Checked Luggage Information Easy to Find

I take a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and write the following information that will make it easy for the airlines to contact me and also for them to know where my bag should end up:

Name:                               Roni Faida

Flight #                              1058

Departure city:                 CLT

Destination:                     CDG

Contact number:           704-412-8422

I put this paper inside my bag on top of my clothes so it’s the first thing you see when you open my suitcase. That way, if my bag has to be opened, they will immediately see who the owner is.  I also put one in the front compartment on my suitcase if it has a front pocket.

See those curtains on these carts? Those open and bags fall out. Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash

You can also put the address of where you will be staying so they will automatically know where to deliver the bag.

Want to make it easy peasy? Just use this Luggage Information Printable I made for you. Click on the image below and a printable pdf is available for your use. Print it out, fill it out and know your bag will find you!

Luggage Information Printable

Remember What Your Checked Luggage Looks Like

Take a picture of your checked bag before you check it. Why? Because you can show that picture to the agent and be able to have a complete description of your lost bag.

Make Your Checked Luggage Memorable

Add a luggage strap to your bag if it doesn’t have any distinguishing characteristics. This makes it easier to find while also protecting the contents of your bag in case of a busted zipper.

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Technology Can Make Checked Luggage Harder to Lose

Have you ever heard of a luggage tracker? It’s the newest technology that helps you figure out where your bag is even if the airline has no idea. This is what you need to help give you peace of mind when you check bags!

Have you ever had your checked luggage lost? 

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