Typical Parisian Apartment


This typical Parisian apartment belonged to my friend but I couldn’t post these pictures until now. I didn’t want to put her apartment on my blog while she was living there but since she moved a while ago I’m now able to show you.

Apartments in Paris are normally pretty small. Of course there are people that have huge places but on average, most Parisians live in small spaces. Are you wondering where the bedroom is? This is it. It’s one room and the bed is the pullout couch. This is a studio apartment so if you were renting a vacation apartment a studio wouldn’t have a separate bedroom.

There are four areas of storage in this apartment and a small area just above the hallway. My Parisians friends are so wonderful at not having much clutter! Since they don’t have much space they are normally pretty good at getting rid of excess and only having their place filled with the essentials.



See those two arches? The one on the left is the bathroom and the one of the right is the kitchen.  The white cabinet to the left is one of the four storage areas in the apartment. There is her laptop on the table, that is her office.


Have you ever lived in a space this size? Do you think you could?

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  1. They’re small alright. But I think that small space is enough for me. I kinda love the arched doors though. It seems to be enough for someone who’s living alone.

  2. Cool! For me it doesn’t matter if you have a small house as long as its clean and well organized. As long as i can sleep well and stay warm and dry. Thanks for your wonderful blog. Really nice.

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