Why You Should Never Pack Your Medication In Your Checked Bag

 “Can I get my bag? I need to take my medicine.”

This was what a passenger said to me a few days ago as I was giving  her her carry-on bag. She said that she needed to take her medication or she would become ill. I didn’t ask anymore questions because it wasn’t my business but I didn’t understand why this woman would pack her essential medication in her checked bag. There is absolutely no reason to do this. Even if your medication is in liquid form, you can pour out 3 ounces worth into a travel size container so you can have it with you.

There is no way an airline employee can give you your luggage once it has been checked. It is illegal and the employee would probably be immediately fired. The only thing that can be done is your bag has to be put on the local belt (where everyone waits to get their bags once they have gotten off the plane) and then you will have to recheck your bag and go through security again.

This passenger had a connecting flight that she was going to now miss because she didn’t have enough time to do all of that and still make her flight. I have no idea what happened, I’m sure she eventually got on another flight but think about all the hassle and stress she had to go through when she could have just kept her medication with her.

So please, learn from her mistake and don’t EVER check your medication in your bag. Air travel is always unpredictable, what would happen if your bag was lost and you are traveling to a foreign country for two weeks? You would arrive in your destination without your clothes (which you can replace) and without your medication. I’m sure you could get your medication eventually but think of the hassle of getting your prescription sent to you, having it filled in a foreign country where you may not speak the language, and the stress associated with all of that. Plus, all of that would take time, time that you could be spending exploring your new city, but instead you are worried about meds. Or heaven forbid your medication can’t get to you in time before you start feeling sick and really, who wants to be ill on vacation?



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  1. Really good point! I always try to pack anything I would need in my carryon instead because I have traveled too many times with people who have had their luggage go missing for a few days. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. Great post! I actually traveled a week ago and kept my meds in my carryon. I only took enough for the days I was gone plus 1 extra day “just in case”… This is such valuable information!

    1. Wow, thanks so much! Sometimes I’m not sure if what I write is necessary so I appreciate that the info was valuable.

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