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Do This One Thing And Never Miss Your Connecting Flights Again!

Photo by <a href="">Matthew Smith</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a> How To Not Miss Your Connecting Flights

How many times have you and your family missed connecting flights? How many times have you been sitting on your first flight, and are completely stressed out because you know you have only a few minutes to make your connecting flight?

One way to avoid this travel stress is to keep your connecting flights as far apart as possible.

I’ve said for years that allowing at least 2 hours between connecting flights will save you lots of stress.
Delays are a normal part of travel, and if your plane is delayed and you’ve only give yourself 30 or 40 minutes to make your connecting flight, you will either be doing an OJ through the airport (I think that reference dates me) or you will miss that flight.
PRO-TIP: Before you head for your connecting gate, make sure you verify the gate you are heading to is correct. You’d hate to get to that gate and find out it has been changed. 

Connecting Flight Meaning

When you are choosing your flights, there are usually several options for the connecting portion. Many people will choose the cheaper option, or go for the option that has the smaller connecting time. Both of these are not the way to choose your flights.

So what is a connecting flight? Let’s say you are traveling from Los Angeles to Paris. In order to get to Paris, you have to connect in another city, where you will take your plane to Paris. Your connecting flight is the flight you take in your connecting city to your final destination, Paris.

Let’s say you have the following choices:

In this scenario, the last option with the 3 hour 31 minute layover would be my choice. Why? Because the chance of this connecting time being shortened is extremely great by things that could happen to the originating flight from Los Angeles (weather, maintenance, crew issues). When you have more time between connecting flights, you lessen the chance of having to worry about it.

Minimum Connecting Time

It’s tempting to take the connection with the minimum connecting time. Only having an hour and 7 minutes may be cheaper and will get you to Paris faster. What happens if:
  1. Your connecting flight is at the complete opposite side of the airport?
  2. What happens if your originating flight has maintenance issues?
  3. What if there are weather delays?
  4. you are sitting in the back of the plane and can’t get to the front quickly enough?
  5. you get off the plane and now have to run to get to your next flight?
  6. What if your bags don’t make the connecting flight? Find out how baggage transfers work here

All of these options could have been avoided had the connecting flights been at least 2 hours apart.

Granted, of course there is a possibility that you can still miss your connecting flights, even with 2 hours between them. However, this time frame limits that possibility and can help keep your stress level on low.

If any of these things happen, you haven’t given yourself enough time to deal with anything unexpected. Save yourself the stress and have more time between your connecting flights.
Traveling stress-free is easy to do, especially with these 5 tips. 
connecting flights
I’m sure you may have had several flights with tight connects and have made it.
I get it.
But over the past 13 years I have seen hundreds of people running for and missing their connecting flights. Why? Because their connecting flight was too close. Give yourself as much time as possible, with at least 2 hours between your connecting flights. Your stress levels will thank you.
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What was the tightest connecting you’ve made?

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