Monkey Temple – Jaipur, India


One of my first stops in Jaipur, India was to visit the Monkey Temple (which is really called Galta). I had never been to one before and I was really looking forward to seeing what it had to offer and I wasn’t disappointed! There weren’t thousands of monkeys all around as I had read to expect but there were definitely several running around the temple.

I wasn’t alone, I visited the temple with 4 of my travel mates from Nomadness Travel Tribe. It was nice to visit the temple with them. People I had never met until we arrived in India yet our love for travel made our time together seem like we had known each other for years.





There were also many Indian men and women carrying on their daily lives and it was cool to be able to get a glimpse of them in their environment. I was constantly amazed by the beauty of Indian women and their colorful saris.








The temple is lovely, I am always in awe of being around buildings constructed hundreds of years ago.  This temple is from the 18th century.


I’m terrified of heights but my friends convinced me to climb this hillside to get a great view. If you do this you will be enchanted by the beauty in front of you.


Wanted to give you some perspective of how high I actually was. Ok, maybe for some of you this is nothing but I’m the girl who gets woosy in elevators that go too high so this was a big deal for me!





 Have you ever fed a monkey? I haven’t and couldn’t think about doing it, I was scared. So thankfully Tia from penniesinmypocket.com was willing to happily do it. Have you checked out her blog? She gives great advice on enjoying life while being frugal.



I’m terrified of heights but my friends convinced me to climb this hillside to get a great view. If you do this you will










If you ever go to this temple make sure to have this lovely gentleman as your guide. He took us all around, taking pictures and explaining different things about the temple. He was fabulous. Make sure to give him a big fat tip, ok?



Have you visited a temple before? If so where and what did you think? 

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  1. I am visiting India in the Fall and your pictures have greatly inspired me. I am so excited about this journey. It looks like you have a wonder-filled adventure. Thank you for sharing, Blessings!

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