Changing Travel Plans

Changing travel plans

One day at work (at around 12pm) I was at the gate and a family walked up to the counter. They wanted to know if they could get on standby for the next Charleston flight since their flight had been cancelled.

They had already been re-booked on the 6pm flight later on that night but that didn’t sit well with them because they wanted to get to their vacation spot. The agent told them all flights were full until 6pm  and they didn’t have any other options. Here is where I chimed in.


“Have you ever thought about driving? Charleston is only 4 hours away.”

“Oh really? Just 4 hours?” the mom of the family said.

“Yep. It’s quick and you guys will be there before the 6pm flight will start boarding.”

The parents of the family looked at each other and started talking without words (you know how people do that).

The mom said cheerfully, “The place we’re going is an hour before Charleston so it will only take us 3 hours to get there.”  The family started talking to the gate agent, made arrangements went to see about a car rental.

The point of telling you this story is this: Don’t get discouraged if things don’t go exactly as planned. Changing travel plans doesn’t have to be stressful. Sometimes you have to think about other options because many times you aren’t completely hopeless. When you are a few hundred miles from your destination and your flight plans unexpectedly change, think about driving!


Have you ever had to change your plans while traveling? What did you do? 


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