Do I Have To Recheck My Bags On A Connecting Flight?

by Roni

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Connecting Flight Meaning

What is a connecting flight? When you are headed for a destination and you have to stop at another destination along the way. So if you were traveling from Seattle to Miami and had to stop in Denver to board your flight to Miami, you have a connecting flight.

If you think of a straight line with a dot on both ends ._______X______. The x in the middle is the connecting point. In order to get to the destination, you must go through X.

Many times when you have a connection and you have checked bags, you may wonder what happens to your bags in your connecting city.

The Difference Between a Connecting Flight And a Layover

According to TravelGurls  a retired gate agent who worked for a major airline for over 15 years, a layover can be the general term of a period of time you have to wait in the airport until you get your connecting flight.

The word ‘connection’ is used because you don’t have a direct flight. You have a connecting flight with a layover. The terms are used interchangeably which is also correct.

Now on to your checked bags. When you have a layover and you have to go through customs, then you have to recheck your bags. When you don’t have to go through customs, you don’t have to re-check bags.

What does this mean? It means that if you have a layover and you’ve checked bags, you don’t have to worry about re-checking them if you are not going through customs. If you are flying from Los Angeles to New York with a connecting flight in Chicago, you do not need to re-check your bags.

If you are flying from Paris to Los Angeles with a connecting flight in Philadelphia, you will go through customs in Philadelphia. This means, you will have to recheck your bags after you go through customs.

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connecting flightsAirport Travel Tips

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Let’s review, shall we?

  1. A connecting flight only requires rechecking bags when you are going through customs in your connecting city.
  2. A layover is the amount of time you have in the airport to catch your next flight.

When you are checking in at the airport, be sure to ask the agent about your bags. Make sure they give you your bag tags and verify your bags were checked to the right destination. One more thing. During your layover, be sure to check your next flight BEFORE you head to your gate.

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