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There are millions of people that have never flown, and that’s ok. Flying for the first time can be scary, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Traveling for the first time doesn’t have to be fill you with angst. Here are 10 tips for first time flyers that can help alleviate some of your anxiety and stress.


10 tips for first time flyers

  1. Make sure to get to the airport early. Give yourself plenty of time so you won’t be stressed. If you’re flying domestic give yourself at least 2 hours and international at least 3 hours.

2. check in online

  • this is something that will save you some time at the airport. If you can check in at home and print out your boarding pass, you won’t have to stand in line. And if you’re Team Carryon and pack with packing cubes like these from Amazon, you won’t have to worry about checking your bags. But if you are checking bags, you can usually pay for those online (if need be) and simply get your baggage tags from the agent.

NOTE: if you are traveling internationally, you will more than likely have to show your passport to the agent before you can check your bags and you may have to wait in a line to do that. Get a dope passport cover made by me!

3. bring your snacks 

first time flyer tips

4. wear comfortable clothing 

  • If you are comfortable in what you are wearing you will be more relaxed. Make sure to wear clothes that you feel good in, something like this is great for traveling. This will also make it easier to go through security. If possible, leave belts, earrings, and bracelets off until AFTER you get through security. This way you won’t have to take so much stuff off as you get checked. 

5. bring disinfectant wipes

  • planes are notoriously dirty so wipe down your seat, your tray table and your window (if applicable). Knowing you are in a clean seat will allow you to relax because you will know you have wiped all of the germs away from the last person that sat in your seat. 
  • I use NiceSeats on almost every flight. They keep you safe from the seat germs of the person in the seat before you. Use code TRAVELGURU to get 10% off! 

6. make sure your passport is valid

  •   If you are traveling internationally please verify your passport is still valid. Many people make the mistake of buying their ticket, making their reservations for their accommodations and not making sure they can get there. Some countries require a passport to be valid a minimum of 6 months before it expires to enter the country.

7. Use a sleep aid

  • If the thought of flying is a bit scary for you, that’s normal. You can always get a prescription from your doctor if you need to but there are over the counter natural meds that can help you relax and sleep on the plane.

8. Pack your carry-on carefully

  • You know the things you are going to want to use during your flight. Make sure to keep those at the top of your carry-on bag so you can have easy access to them. This will prevent you from digging through your bag trying to find what you need. 
  • Bring a travel blanket, pillow, eye mask, and soft, comfy socks. Keep these at the top of your carry-on or in your purse. Having these items with you will protect you from the cold and germs.
  • Excellent headphones are an absolute must. This is an area you don’t want to skimp on, getting quality headphones make a huge difference. I have Bose noise cancelling headphones and ear buds.

9.  Give yourself plenty of time to get your connecting flight

  • This is more for when you book your trip but if you are connecting to another flight, please give yourself enough time. You should leave at least 2 hours between flights to allow for any delays.
  • Airline travel is constantly changing and flights are canceled, changed, and interrupted all of the time. Save yourself the stress of trying to rush to your next flight by giving yourself enough time. 

10. Make sure to collect your luggage

  • Whether you have a carry-on bag or a checked bag, make sure you claim at the appropriate places. If you have given your carry-on bag to the agent at the boarding gate, make sure to find out if your bag will be picked up plane side or at baggage claim.
  • If you have to collect your checked bags before exiting baggage claim, please do so BEFORE you exit. Many airports won’t allow you back through baggage claim if you did not collect your bags.

tips for first time flyers

Are you traveling with kids? These 10 tips will help you be prepared, and if you have a child that uses a carseat, this post will be your best friend.

There you have it! 10 tips for first time flyers! Now you’re ready to travel, where will you go? 

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