10 Essential Medicinal Items To Pack for India

by Roni

10 essential medicinal items to pack for India

Before  traveling to India please make sure to pack as many preventive medicines as possible. There is something called “Delhi Belly” which isn’t fun at all and you want to do your utmost to make sure you don’t experience it.

 Of course this is a lot of medicine and you may not need all of these things but at least you can have a choice of what you can bring with you. This isn’t just for India, you can use these items if you are traveling to any country you think you may have issues.

NOTE: Because I am not an MD I am not giving my personal thoughts on these products. I did my research on these items and found them to work well. Please do your own research and see if these will work for you. When I went to India my group and I found these items to be excellent for helping us stay healthy. 

1. Rehydration mix packets w/electrolytes

2. Imodium

3. Ginger

4. Chinese bark pill

5. Activated charcoal (can be found at local drugstores)

6. Oregano oil

7. Apple cider vinegar

8. Cipro (this is a prescription your Doctor needs to give you)

9. Zithromaz (this is a prescription you Doctor needs to give you)

10. Any recommended immunizations

I know several people who traveled to India and didn’t get the recommended shots. I do not think that’s a smart idea but many have done it and have been fine. Many health plans cover the immunizations and if you don’t have medical coverage please check your local area to see where you can get the shots recommended for your trip.

As someone who has gotten sick in different countries, it is so much better to have what you need and not need it than to be in your bed, not able to move and not have the medicine that can help you get better.


What medicine do you take with you when you travel?

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