5 Annoying Things People Do On A Plane


When I was flying back from Vancouver  I noticed many behaviors on the plane that prompted me to write this. If you have ever flown you may have experienced some, if not all, of the following. Being courteous on a plane isn’t difficult, but it is getting more and more rare to see passengers think about the other people around them. The following list is 5 annoying things people do on a plane and are my personal pet peeves.

1. Lean on the seat next to you while waiting for the bathroom

I see this all the time and I really feel sorry for the people sitting in the aisle next to the restroom. If you are waiting to use the facilities, try not to lean on the seats closest to the bathroom. Just imagine you were sitting there and how annoying that would be.

2. Leave your window shade wide open if the person next to you is sleeping

I normally try and get a window seat as I really enjoy looking out of the window and seeing all of the scenery beneath me. However, when someone next to me is sleeping, I either only raise the shade halfway and lookout then close it back when I’m done, or leave it closed. It’s not my responsibility to help them sleep, but it’s a nice thing to do and doesn’t cost me a thing.

3. Blow up the bathroom

Have you ever gone into an airplane bathroom after someone and thought you were going to pass out from the fumes they left? Everyone has to defecate, it’s normal. But remember, you aren’t at home and there is no one on the plane that wants to smell your arse. One way to alleviate the smell is to flush as you go. Don’t let your essence sit there until you’re done, flush as you go which will mask some of the smell. The person coming after you will thank you.

4. Sit in a window seat if you have a bladder the size of a pea

No one should have to be inconvenienced because you have a very tiny bladder. I am one of those that has a small bladder and I love a window seat. I always make sure that I use the restroom before I sit in my seat and I don’t drink tons of water/coffee while I’m on a flight. Hydration is important but I’m not going to die if I don’t have several ounces of water for the duration of my flight. And if I see someone in my row get up, I also get up even if I don’t have to go. Eventually I will have to use the restroom since my bladder is tiny.

5. Pull on the seat in front of you when you get up

This is one of my biggest pet peeves on an airplane. There is no reason to use the seat in front of you to get up. I fly all the time and I never pull on the seat in front of me. One time I actually stood up in my seat and stepped over the girl sleeping in the middle seat next to me (the nice man on the end of my row held my hands so I could do this carefully). She wasn’t woken up and the person in front of me wasn’t disturbed.  But even without doing that it is easy to get up and this way you don’t disturb the person sitting in that seat. And just remember, how would you feel if you were sound asleep and someone woke you up by pulling hard on your seat?

Are there any things you see on a plane that you wish people wouldn’t do?


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  1. Great tips, Roni!
    Thank you for posting.
    I’m curious about an age-old challenge. I hope you or your readers will help me with this. WHO gets this arm rest? Particularly when there are more than two people in the row. (Poor dude in the middle).
    Is there a social etiquette for who gets the arm rest?


  2. Loved these tips!
    One of my pet peeves is people who recline their seat while you still have things on the table!
    1. It scares me becuase i don’t expect it!
    2. I’m a tall person and doesn’t leave much leg room.
    This is why even though I’m a fellow lover of the window seat I also have a bladder the size of pea! So i totally agree with that tip.
    Wandi: I think the middle person gets bot arm rests and a choice of where they put their arms because window and aisle both have their own personal ones… thats how i’ve always seen it.


    1. I always look back before I recline my seat to make sure I’m not going to disrupt anyone more than I have to! Thanks for commenting and I agree with you about the middle seat.

    2. Thanks, Kels.

      I usually defer to the person in the middle seat, dibs on the arm rest.

      However, on those rare occasions when I’m the sucker in the middle, I’m unsure how to proceed.
      Thank you for sharing!


  3. I wish everyone who ever rode on a plane would read manuals on ‘what not to do’… and I wish everyone would follow the advice! Great tips 😀

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