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Normally I would have a picture of a delicious cupcake but there are no closeups of cupcakes in this blog post. Why? Because every time would get a cupcake I would totally forget about my blog and dive in head first before I barely walked out of the shop.

It wasn’t until I was halfway through it that I would think, “Oh shoot! I should take a picture for the blog!” But then it was too late, my greediness had already taken over and the picture taking opportunity was done.

So I’m showing you where it is and a bit of what the shop looks like and you’ll have to take my word for it that these cupcakes are amazing. They bake them fresh daily and you have to get there early because they do run out. I had red velvet and was prepared to be disappointed because red velvet is supposed to be super moist and it usually isn’t.

Boy oh boy was I wrong! This was the BEST red velvet cupcake I had ever tasted that didn’t come out of someone’s home. Seriously, I loved it. If you are ever in Toronto and want a decadent treat, please head to Dlish and get a cupcake, I don’t think you will be sorry.


Are you into cupcakes?



Queen West 833 Queen St.

West Toronto ON, M6J 1G1


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