Golden Gate Bridge In San Francisco, California


Traveling to San Francisco? Most tourists love driving or walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, I think it’s one of the most famous bridges in America. It’s lovely and definitely worth visiting. You can walk across it but there are specific hours to be able to do so.


Can you see the barriers in the middle of the bridge? Those are moveable and are moved according to the needs of traffic.  If you are renting a car you need to be aware of the fees  and the fact that you can’t pay on the bridge.


The views below are from the lookout point just across the bridge, that’s San Francisco across the water. There are restrooms here and parking but it does get very crowded so it’s best to come early so you can miss most of the traffic.



Remember, you can’t pay on the bridge, there is no stopping at a toll booth on the bridge anymore. If you don’t set up a way to pay for the bridge should you cross it, you will get a bill in the mail. Check out for more detailed information on the rules for visiting.


Have you been to San Francisco? Have you driven or walked across this bridge?

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