How To Pack A Carry-On Bag For Two Weeks

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This is the basis for what I packed in my carry-on when I spent two weeks in Ghana this past February. I took one carry-on bag and one big purse. That was it. There is absolutely no reason to pack a huge suitcase for a trip.

I haven’t checked a bag for a trip for over 7 years and I have always had what I needed. Actually, I’m constantly trying to streamline my process to take even less. Below are the links of what I packed. I am not getting any commission from these, I just want you to see how easy it is to be stylish without breaking the bank or checking a bag.

I also packed something to sleep in, a cover-up for the beach, house slippers, my Moruka clutch, and 3 scarves. In my purse I had my computer, Bose headphones, wallet, passport, toiletries, phone and 2 books. The following list is what is in the picture above, and the number next to it is how many of each I took.

(1) Mossimo Maxi Dress from Target

(4) lace tank shirt from Target

(2) grey and black short foldover skirt from Gap

(1) Striped dress (I don’t remember where I bought it but this one is similar)

(1) Long grey knit maxi skirt from Target

(3) v-neck tee from Target




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I recently purchased ebags and I LOVE them! I am really happy with the bright colors available (I will be buying more!).  I packed 2 pairs of sandals and wore one pair and my accessories are in the black case (this is the same one I told you about here). All the clothes that I brought are in these ebags packing cubes and I promise you, I didn’t need anything else, I could have packed less.

Image 58

The following pictures are of me in various outfits that were in my carry-on. If you read my blog regularly you know that I don’t normally have pics of myself in my posts so this post seems like A LOT of Roni! But I want you to see a few of the ways I was able to combine some of the clothes I took.

I was supposed to have a picture of me in an outfit for everyday but my mom was the one taking the pictures. Boy oh boy. My mother is awesome, she can do almost anything…except take good pictures. Seriously, it was comical so I only have a few.  In fact, in the picture directly below I was laughing because it was taking her so long to get a shot.


Blue sandals are from Payless (I totally love these and they were buy one get one half off!). They were very comfortable and matched everything.




The black dress below is also a skirt, I wear it both ways. See the part on my bodice? That’s the fold-over part in the skirt.

Image 12

These wedges are also from Payless, I couldn’t believe how many cute pair of shoes I got from there! The jewelry I bought while in Ghana.


Image 23

I find that when I lay the clothes I want to take with me on the bed, I am able to make sure everything goes together. It’s important to take the same color scheme if you are going to be able to use a washing machine. While in Ghana, we didn’t have access to a washer so we did it the old fashioned way…we washed our clothes in the sink (with cold water, not hot).

And that’s it! It may seem like a daunting task at first but trust me, you can do it! By not checking a bag you save yourself stress and hassle and you can get off of the plane and start your vacation!


Do you think could take just a carry-on bag for two weeks? 

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  1. Wow!! I am so impressed!! I just dont know if I could do this! I am going to try it thou at least for my next long weekend doing the same color scheme, less shoes and less bags!

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