Please Don't Read Your Map This Way While Traveling

Hi there! Well, I’m still in Dublin and all is very well. I was trying to figure out what to tell you about today when I passed by my window and saw these two girls standing on the street corner doing exactly what I have said in my daily travel tips isn’t the best thing to do.

 Why, you may ask? Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking at a map. I do it all the time. However, if you need to hold the whole map out in order to get your bearings, I think it’s better to go into a shop, a store or even sit on a bench in a park. By standing on a corner this way, these girls are telling everyone who sees them that they are tourists.

Granted, people here in Dublin are extremely nice and I don’t think anything bad will happen to them. In fact, someone will probably come along and ask them if they need help! People here are lovely. But I digress.

You want to be as safe as possible while you travel and by opening up your map like this tells everyone way too much about you. Even though most people are lovely, there are those that prey on tourists and you never want to give those derelicts of society more information than necessary. Does that make sense? From time to time we all need to look at a map, I have done it several times. I normally pop into a shop or even into a small alcove off the street so that I’m not so obvious to all those around me.  But I do not stand on the street holding it in both hands, I think it has the potential to be dangerous.


What do you think? Please let me know in the comments below! I hope you come back tomorrow, there should be another post waiting for you.  Oh, and if you like this post, I won’t be mad if you share it on social media.


Roni Faida

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