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glitch deals

Have you heard of glitch deals? It’s when an airline either on purpose or by sheer accident sells tickets to amazing destinations for ridiculously low prices.

 Delta once had a glitch fare to Vancouver from Los Angeles for $45. Did you read that? Was it a typo? Nope. Forty five dollars ROUND TRIP!

How do you hear about these glitch deals?  You should be following me on my FB fan page because I post fab deals daily and I also post glitch deals as soon as I find out about them. 

So what should you do when you see a glitch deal? Here are 5 tips for glitch deals that will hopefully help you the next time one rolls around! 

1. Do Not Contact The Airline.

Please don’t call/tweet/or contact the airline in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM and ask if this deal is real.

It is.

And if by some chance it isn’t you will get your money back so chill out, back away from your phone and buy your ticket. 

2. Do Not Hesitate.

When you see a glitch deal do not hesitate. These deals disappear quickly because either all seats sell or the airline realizes there is a glitch and they fix it. You DO NOT have time to sit and think about it for hours or look at the deal the next day. Time is not your friend. 

3. Share

Don’t keep a fab deal to yourself. If you have friends that travel please share the deal with them. Wouldn’t you want your friends to share with you? 

4. Buy it even if it’s not your normal airport

When the Vancouver deal dropped someone said to me, “I wish the deal was from my airport! I never get the deals!” Looky here…when there is a fantabulous deal imma (yes, I said imma) need you to get it no matter where it is in the country, ok?


Let’s say if you live in Dallas and you wanted to get the deal to Vancouver… why would you pass it up? You can almost always find a great deal on a low cost airline to anywhere in the country. If the Vancouver deal was $45 and you had to pay $200 for a ticket to get to the departing airport, wouldn’t that still be worth it? 

5. Save Your Confirmation Number

Once you have purchased your ticket please keep your confirmation number in a safe place. The airline may call you to discuss some issues with your ticket and you need to have your confirmation number in order to do that.

Now, there are two rules of thought about dealing with the airlines after a glitch fare. Some say to never call them back and just continue with your trip as planned and other say call back and find out what they want. That is up to you to decide (cause I don’t want to tell you to do one thing and then it backfires. You would be mad at me, wouldn’t you?). Use your best judgement if you get a message like this:

Compare buses, trains and flights


For this particular deal I haven’t heard of anyone that has had any issues with Delta not honoring their ticket but if an airline does decide to cancel your ticket don’t get snarky or rude. Ask to speak to a manager because is it your fault they had a computer glitch and were offering a flight at a price they are now not happy with? But remember to be cordial and nice and no snarky talk, ok?

And there you have it, 5 simple tips to help you navigate your way with your glitch deal. I hope you get one soon!


Have you ever had a glitch fare? Where did you go?

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