1 Cheap Hack To Help You Stop Losing Your Stuff

by Roni

 stop losing stuff traveling

You wouldn’t believe how often things fall out of checked bags! Did you know there is 1 cheap hack to help you stop losing your stuff when you check your bags?

stop losing stuff traveling

I saw the blow dryer above when I was delivering my bags. It had fallen out of a bag and of course there was no way to figure out which bag it belonged in. It probably won’t be claimed and the passenger probably thinks someone went into their bag and stole their items (the last thing most ramp agents want to do is touch someone’s things inside of their checked bag).

Most of the time when things are lost they are NOT stolen. They are lost because they have fallen out because they were in a bag that was overstuffed or in a side pocket.

So, to protect your items from being lost, label them. Label them with mailing labels or some type of sticker that has your name and contact information on it. You may also want to put your destination and where you’ll be staying in case your items can be shipped to you while on vacation.

 This way, when your things are taken to baggage services or lost and found, someone can contact you.  Easy, right? And of course, you need my packing cubes to help keep your things organized! 


Have you ever arrived at your destination with items missing? 

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