Hammering Man Seattle Art Museum

Have you ever taken a picture, thought it was good and then when you got home you realized it wasn’t as good as you thought? Well, this happened to me with the pics below. I thought I was getting great shots of the Hammering Man outside of the Seattle Art Museum but it wasn’t until I started uploading them to my blog did I realize there was a pole in the way. But I’m sharing them with you anyway for two reasons:

1. We all make mistakes and  there is nothing I can do about it.  Sometimes I think that because I travel so much there are certain mistakes I shouldn’t make but that’s just not true. So, if you take pictures that don’t come out great, don’t beat yourself up for it.

2. I think you can still see the beauty of this statue, even though the pole is in the way. The whole point of my travel blog is to show you things that many of you don’t normally get to see, and to hopefully inspire you to travel to places you have never been. So even though these two pictures aren’t exactly the way I would like them, you can still appreciate the point, right?

Hammering man Seattle Art Museum

It’s called The Hammering Man because his hand with the hammer in it goes up and down continuously. It’s a pretty cool sight to see and since you know how much I love public art, I just stood and looked at it for several minutes.  Seattle has so many interesting pieces of art all around the city, it’s one of those cities that you can walk around and find interesting art pieces on doors, park benches, street corners, trees,  or buildings.  It’s one of my favorite American cities. Have you been here?

Hammering man Seattle Art Museum

If you are traveling to Seattle, make sure to walk by, and when you take your picture, don’t get the pole!

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