Senior Travel…8 Tips For How To Survive Traveling With Your Mom

by Roni

I travel with my mom often because she’s awesome. She’s the reason I am a travel expert. We get along great whether it’s on a trip or not. I know not everyone has the kind of relationship with their mom as I have with mine, so here are 8 tips to help with senior travel whoever it may be.

Make sure you have these discussions BEFORE you go on your trip to avoid any type of miscommunications. You should do the same when you are traveling with friends, this post can help you with that.

8 Tips For How To Survive Traveling With Your Mom

Senior travel

1. Set Boundaries

Make sure you convey to your mother what is and isn’t her business. Now, this can be tricky because you have to be extremely respectful to the woman who gave you life. She also has to remember you are grown and can do grown woman things.

If you want to go out dancing at night and she thinks it’s too late, you have to KINDLY tell her you appreciate her concern, but you are going dancing. Offer to take a taxi or Uber there and back, take your phone so she can keep in touch with you. Try and understand why she is worried as it probably comes from a place of loving concern.

2. Be Respectful

What happens if your mom says something to you that really pisses you off? Well, remember that she’s your mom and no matter what she says, you are still the child. You are not a day closer to her than the day you were born.

She deserves respect at all times so don’t immediately react to her cutting words. Take a breath (or two), smile and don’t react. Yep. Just LET. IT. GO. You probably aren’t going to take her advice anyway so what harm does it do for you to just be quiet? 

senior travel

3. Account For Possible Mobility Issues

If your mom can’t walk that fast or needs frequent breaks, don’t be upset about it. Change your mindset and realize there are going to be things you aren’t going to be able to do. Instead, tailor the things you see to her abilities. If there are things you want to do that she can’t, talk to her about it and find alternate places for her to visit. Or, see if she’s ok being at the hotel/apartment rental without you. 

senior travel

Me and my momma in Accra, Ghana

4. Honor Her Position

Even if your mom isn’t well traveled and doesn’t understand some of the customs you will be experiencing, remember to still honor her position as your mom. She may not be super travel savvy but she is still the woman who gave you life. Don’t forget that.  

5. She Is Not a Child, Don’t Treat Her That Way

Don’t make arbitrary decisions without letting her know. Give her the dignity to decide where you all go and what you do. The more you treat your mom like she is an adult and not as a child who needs to be led around, the better results you will get. 

6. Be Clear About Trip Finances

Make sure you both are clear on the financial arrangements on your trip. Will you be splitting the room? Who will pay for food? Are you going dutch? Does your mom expect you to pay for everything or is your mom paying for things? These are things you need to make sure you have clarity on before you start your trip. 

7. Make Sure You Have All the Info

Knowing the pertinent medical information about your mom (or any other travel partner really) is important. Make sure you have a complete medical information form before you go. While you’re at it, give her one for you. Just because it is your mom does not mean you have all the information you will need in an emergency!

8. Make it Special

Remember that you are making memories! Take the time to plan your trip together before you go. You could also buy her a new passport cover or maybe matching sleep bonnets for you both. It’s the little things that will make you remember this trip forever.

Traveling with your mother can be a wonderful experience if you make the necessary adjustments. You don’t have to stifle who you are, you just have to remember that your mother loves you, she may have limitations, and she only wants to spend time with her daughter. Enjoy these moments while you can, and remember that your mother is a treasure.

What suggestions would you add to this list? 

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Nina | Lemons and Luggage February 10, 2019 - 12:13 pm

These are great! My mother is retiring this summer, and as she also loves to travel I thought it would be a nice idea to travel together every once in a while so these will come in super handy for that!

Roni February 15, 2019 - 3:56 am

I’m so glad!

Rockin Robin July 20, 2019 - 12:34 am

As an experienced traveler this submission to my Mother erks me! My Mother will cuss maybe call me names if she believes I’m in control. She likes to insist that she is always right bc she’s my mother . I can’t be a 2 yr old after 60 yrs of doing it myself .
I think your comment in the first statement says it all, it’s better if you automatically get along with your mother. I just can’t .