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Traveling with friends can be a wonderful experience or it can be a nightmare. There are 5 crucial questions to ask before traveling with friends that can help alleviate stress that may come up. You may be surprised by the answers but it’s best to discuss any issues BEFORE the trip. 

1. Are you a morning person or night owl?

This is extremely important. Before I travel with anyone I always make sure to let them know I am not a morning person and they should refrain from talking to me until I’ve had my morning coffee. This way, they won’t be offended when I have the glare of death when I wake up because they realize that is just pre-caffeinated Roni.

It is imperative to let people know your preference so everyone can act accordingly and not get on anyone’s nerves.  


2. Do you plan on being together all the time or is alone time necessary?

There are some travelers that do not want to do anything without their friends and that is ok. However, what is not ok is expecting someone to be with you every second of every day if they arent the type of traveler that requires that level of companionship. Ask this question before you travel so expectations can be met on all sides. 



3. Can we bring company back to the room? 

There are some travelers that love to have some fun of the sexual nature while traveling. As grown-ups that is a decision everyone must make for themselves. However, if you are sharing a room or apartment rental with someone it is imperative you talk about what the expectations are regarding houseguests. Will they be allowed? Is everyone comfortable if there are strangers in their space? 

4. What type of traveler are you?

What does this mean? Well, are you into fine dining and your friends just want to get something quick and keep sightseeing? Do you expect your friends to sit with you and have leisurely meals? Will you be upset if they dont want to or if they want to and you don’t, are you going to be mad? This can cause stress in friendships on vacations so be sure to discuss what everyone expects so there won’t be any surprises when it comes time for choosing a place to eat. 



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5. If you’re renting an apartment, who gets the bigger room?

I know someone who lost a friendship over a room. One of the girls decided she was going to take the big room and put her stuff in it before the others got there. This person hadn’t put the trip together and was a friend of a friend who was added last minute. Sometimes it should be obvious who gets the big room (the person who found the place and did all of the reservations should get the big room, no?) but if not, talk about it. 


What questions would you add to this list? 


  1. Good questions! I learned some important things about myself traveling with friends. Mostly I learned I shouldn’t travel with friends! On one trip a friend had her stuff EVERYWHERE, and she was the type to just drop her towels around the hotel room. Not to mention she was one of those who was naked in the room until ready to leave the room for the day. I’m not that modest, but I have limits. On another trip a friend was constantly asking how I was, what should we do, where should we go. Just relax! It’s vacation! I think it’s good to have some alone time – especially on a longer trip.

    • Alone time is very good! I’m not a prude but I hardly wanna see someone’s naked body all day. Thanks for commenting!


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