How To Not Bring Home Too Much Stuff When You Travel

This is something I have learned to do and this keeps me from bringing back too much stuff. Have you bought a few gifts for yourself or loved ones while you were on vacation and because each thing was pretty small you’d think, “Oh no problem. This will fit in my suitcase.” But the problem is if you do that everyday and keep buying small things, all of those things can add up to you not having any room in your suitcase when it’s time for you to go home.

One way I stop myself from buying too much is instead of putting my stuff in drawers in my hotel room/apartment rental I lay all of my stuff on either the bed, the couch, or whatever I have available to me and as I buy things I put them on the bed.  And since I always deny housekeeping when I stay in a hotel, I’m never concerned about things disappearing.

Since I started doing this I am able to keep track of what I am buying and not be surprised when I am ready to pack.  This method has really helped me keep my buying habits in control and sometimes if there are things that I can’t pack, I ship them home. However, it’s better that I know I have to ship something days in advance then the night before I’m supposed to leave. I hope this helps!


Is there anything you do in order to not bring home too much stuff?

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