5 Things To Avoid Eating In India


India is a phenomenal country (read about a cool Monkey Temple here) with so many beautiful sights to see. However, the food is very different than what you may be accustomed to so here are 5 things to avoid eating while in India.


Don’t drink the water.

  • There are many countries where it isn’t safe for a non-native to drink it. India is definitely one of them. Make sure you drink bottled water only and double check to make sure the lid hasn’t already been opened. At many restaurants and hotels they will bring the closed bottle to your table and open it in front of you.

Don’t get your drinks with ice.

  • Many times people will completely forget about the ice in their drink. But since ice is nothing but frozen water it isn’t something you should have. Make sure to ask for any drink to be served without ice.

Do not eat salad or any type of lettuce.

  • One of my friends forgot about this and ate a chicken burger with lettuce and tomato on it. Her stomach wasn’t happy with her that night so please don’t forget!

Do not drink shakes.

shakes are made with ice. Enough said.

Only eat fruit that you can peel.  

  • I love fruit. But while I was in India I didn’t eat any at all. That was my choice because I didn’t want to take any chances, however some of my friends ate bananas and apples from our hotel and they were fine.

I also didn’t eat meat while I was in India and I think that helped me not get sick. By avoiding these 5 things you should be good to go!

Would you add anything to this list? 

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