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I fly in and out of LAX often and I am now a huge fan of Fly Away, it’s so easy and convenient! I recently caught the bus to LAX, I had a 12:45pm flight so I took the 10am bus. The bus comes every half hour during the day and it only 30 minutes to get there and the bus is prompt so don’t be late or you will miss it.

The seats are leather and very comfortable.  There are seat belts but not the ones that cross in front of your lap. They are the same that are in the front seats of most cars.


You catch the bus from Union Station but it’s not at the main entrance. You have to go around the back to the station to the Pastaouras Bus Plaza and catch the bus from stop #1.

                                                                 Union Station


The bus plaza is really beautiful. It’s filled with trees and lovely architecture.



You can buy your ticket from the kiosk at the end of the plaza and there are signs to direct you to LAX FlyAway.


The cost is $8 and you have to pay with credit or debit card as they don’t take cash. 2 kids under the age of 5 are free with one paying adult and you can buy your tickets in advance as long as you use them within 30 days of purchase.


Waiting for the bus wasn’t a drag at all because seriously, the plaza is so pretty!



Sitting in the front seat gives you an unimpeded view. The bus takes the fast lane so you don’t have to deal with all the cars on the 110 freeway. Just think of how nice it is to just sit and ride and not have to worry about navigating through traffic.


 This pic below is the view as we got onto the 105 freeway.


Terminal 1 is the first stop and continues around the airport. Make sure to get off at the correct terminal as the airport isn’t fully connected and you can’t get from one terminal to the next without either catching another bus or walking (which could take a while).


How do you normally get to the airport?  Have you tried LAX Fly Away? 

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