Have You Heard Of Worcester, England?

This is an older post but one you probably haven’t seen. I’m taking a break while I’m recuperating from my surgery so I hope you enjoy this oldie but goodie!

Every travel blog is different. Some people blog about certain regions and some people only blog when they travel. Since I travel so much, I try to write and show you pictures so that you can view the world through my eyes. On my blog I tend to hop from city to city, country to country and today these pictures come from Worcester, England. Worcester is a city you probably haven’t heard of, as it’s not a hotbed or tourism.

Worcester, England is about three hours northwest of London. It is easily accessible by train with daily departures from Paddington Station.

All of these pictures were taken on the same day as I was walking around with my family (who live there) and exploring the beauty of the city. My family has lived here for several years and I don’t think they see the beauty in the city anymore. That tends to happen when you see something everyday, it can lessen your appreciation for how lovely it actually is.  As we were walking around I thought the scenery was like something out of a movie.

As you can probably tell, it was raining as I was taking these pictures. It rains very often in Worcester, even in the summer. I would imagine if I lived there it would get tiring but it was so nice to walk around and see how the rain makes everything so pretty.

Water isn’t supposed to be brown, but I still think this is scenic.

If you are near London and want a weekend away, Worcester would be an enjoyable place to spend some time.  It’s a small but lovely city, I hope you check it out if you can.

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