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On my way to Spain a couple of months ago I had a long layover in Philadelphia. I’m all about relaxing at airports whenever possible so I decided to use Minute Suites and I loved them! Have you heard of them? I didn’t want to wait in the boarding area, I didn’t want to explore the city because it was raining and I was on my way to buy a day pass in a lounge when I walked past Minute Suites and decided to try them out.

I loved the idea of being able to have my own space for as long as I needed.  You can decide how long you’d like to stay and they have a pricing plan from 15 minutes to overnight stays. This location doesn’t have a bathroom but there are facilities just across the hall. They also don’t have a shower so keep that in mind if that is something you need.

 The picture below is the sample room I was shown and the rest are the room I booked.





The suites are very comfortable and come with pillows, a blanket, a TV with lots of channel choices and they even provide pillow cases. The suite can hold two people and the bottom of the couch pulls out into bed. There was no noise and I felt very safe. I like the fact that I had my own space and I could work at my leisure. It’s a great option if you are going to be in the airport for several hours, or even if you just need a nap.


 You can lock each door from the inside but you can’t lock it when you leave (I had to leave a couple of times to use the restroom). But if you need to step out and don’t want to leave the door unlocked, you can ask the staff the lock the door for you.



They have WiFi!



 I had plenty of room and I was extremely comfortable. They even provide hangers which I thought was a nice touch. There is an alarm clock and you can also get a wake-up call from the front desk.



 The white pillow has a fresh pillow case on it. I like the fact they provide fresh cases for each guest. My only issue is that there aren’t more of these around the country!




Have you heard of Minute Suites? Is this something you would use? 

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  1. I could not agree with you more about Minute Suites. I stayed in one at the Atlanta airport. Where else could you lie down, sleep and feel comfortable and safe? Thank you for writing about them.

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