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How I Prepare For A Trip – My Toiletries

Some of my most popular posts seem to be those where I’m giving you specific information regarding travel so I thought you might like to know how I start packing my toiletries. I first put everything I think I will need on the counter in my bathroom. I usually do this a couple of days before I leave so that I can see everything and that gives me some time to figure out if I’m missing anything. I’m a very visual person so seeing everything at once helps.

Then the night before the trip after I take my shower (I usually shower at night because I’m almost always on the first flight since I fly standby. I do as much as possible the night before because I’m not a morning person).  I put all of my toiletries into the 3 ounce containers then pack them in my carry-on. I use lotion and vaseline to moisturize my skin so the vaseline goes into the smaller container you see in the picture below. These containers work very well for me, I usually get them from Walmart or Target and I stock up on them so when it’s time for me to go somewhere I’m not running to the store for last minute items.

The night before I leave I pack my items in a couple of quart sized bags (I always have more than 1 bag and have never had an issue) and I’m ready to go. No rushing around before I leave, no stressing out about if I forgot something. It’s all taken care of.  How do you pack your toiletries?


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